Elan Vital's FirstClass intranet

FirstClass is a type of communication software which provides an intranet via the internet. I recall Elan Vital or an associated entity owned the software package and tailored it, or had it tailored, to its own needs. Basically, you logged on via a password, using a FC setting for your business, or in this case EV. The graphic interface is a desktop containing folders relevant to your areas of service. You can send messages and join in real time chat, a bit like ICQ was then. In EV's case, individuals would be provided with a username and password by the local EV webmaster instructed by the national contact. The FC community is quite diverse, ranging from PAMs ("People Around Maharaji") to local contacts and premies involved in service. At one time thousands of messages were sent worldwide each day as numberless attempts to create an "immaculate" image of Maharaji and his organisations was created and each premie doing service attempted to ensure they were "in synch." Hundreds of messages could be wasted attempting to get a sign fine-tuned to the nanometer and the perfect font face and size located that would "enhance Maharaji's message" to the max. I am unsure if it is still used (2015).

Click Here to see a (real) 2005 FirstClass message to Managers informing them how to get their worker bees onto FirstClass, names have been changed to protect anonymity. Click Here to see the FirstClass installation instructions (pdf) from 2005.