Durga JiSatsangs of Durga Ji - Marolyn Rawat neé Johnson

This is a complete list of the satsangs (ie speeches) given my Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson aka Durga Ji and "Mom" of which we have transcripts. Ms Rawat's speeches are often more informative about what premies (ie Divine Light Mission members) believed or thought they should believe or were being taught to believe at that time because she was far less circumspect in her speeches that her husband and Lord and (Perfect) Master. She also provided some specific details of his disorganised and chaotic lifestyle and his lack of empathy and care for his devotees. In her earliest speeches she is extremely nervous and tense. She reveals herself to be a much nicer and more caring person than her husband but then that's not difficult.

She appeared in the movie "Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji" as one of the followers giving testimony to the benefits of Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge.

"This meditation that Guru Maharaj Ji's giving I can keep with me all the time and this my passengers I think also can experience because when I'm feeling calm and peace and very much loved within myself I can just emanate this out to my passengers or to anyone that I'm with."

All of the transcipts of Marolyn Rawat's speeches are taken from official publications of the Divine Light Mission.