Marolyn Rawat Satsangs of Durga Ji - Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson

For the first ten years after her wedding to Prem Rawat in 1974, Marolyn Rawat, then named Durga Ji (a Hindu Goddess) by her husband, regularly inspired her husband's devotees with speeches while she sat at the foot of his throne and told his followers of his divinity, his all-attractiveness, his being the bodily form of the Supreme Power of the Universe, his control of all their lives, and how they should worship his feet and adore his face. At times, she spoke in a breathy, slightly nervous voice and told stories of her terrible nightmares and fears and her failures in meditation, and her inability to fully realise the "Knowledge" and the Glory of her husband. It was truly, for Prem Rawat, a marriage made in Heaven. Click here to hear one of her more upbeat satsangs.

She also told of his obsession with playing pinball, with stereos, watching television and for an Aston Martin. She told a story about hitch-hikers that highlights Rawat's lack of compassion. In the 1990s one of her husband's close followers, his long-time personal aide Michael Dettmers, claimed she had had at least one affair and wrote about their marriage guidance sessions. In the mid 1990's she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and emergency surgery. She appears to remain a devotee of her husband and Master.

It does seem that if anyone knew whether Prem Rawat claimed to be the divine incarnation of the present age or not, it would be his wife and mother of their four children. Surely he wouldn't have let her say those terrible things about him publicly for over 8 years if he knew she was mistaken. Hear her heartfelt worship: "You and I are One, one heart loving our Lord"

Prem Rawat's Wife, Marolyn Rawat

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