Marolyn Rawat Early Satsang of Durga Ji - Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson

"This marriage that has taken place is for all of us. Because in this marriage Maharaj Ji has truly joined all of us together. We are one heart loving our Lord.

"And also in this marriage He's made me your new mother. And even though I'm a new mother. I really don't know how to be your mother. But it's the children that make a mother a mother. And so you must help me be your mother. And I know by Guru Maharaj JI's Grace that we're really going to be the most beautiful family. And soon this whole world will be one family, the way it really should be.

"And all this mother has to say is that every child should listen to their father. Because their father is telling them what is the very best for them. Because He knows. He knows exactly what each one of you need."