Prem Rawat (Prem Pal Singh Rawat) whose devotees call him Maharaji (meaning Ultimate Ruler) first came to attention in the West as Guru Maharaj Ji - the self-proclaimed Perfect Master and Lord of the Universe ridiculed in the media as a fat, squeaky-voiced God boy. He had inherited his titles and position as the Satguru, The True Revealer of Light and Spiritual Master of the Divine Light Mission, India (Divya Sandesh Parishad) when his father died in 1966. His father, Hans Rawat, was a successful Indian guru, self titled HRH (His Royal Highness) Yogiraj Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj. As a child the youngest Rawat son was informally called Sant Ji, more formally Balyogeshwar ("Born King of the Yogis") and even more formally Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj. In the West Rawat dropped these more verbose titles in the early 1980's and instructed his followers to call him Maharaji. He has also changed the names of his organisations many times: Divine Light Mission (DLM), World Welfare Association (WWA), World Peace Corps (WPC) and Divine United Organisation (DUO) became Elan Vital in the early 1980's and in 2001 The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) was created and from 2010 his major orgs are Words Of Peace Global (WOPG) registered in Holland, Words of Peace International (WOPI) in the USA, HDSK (Human Development through Self Knowledge) in Great Britain and Raj Vidya Kender (Royal Knowledge Society) in India. He no longer claims to be an Incarnation of God but an internationally famous humanitarian leader and teacher of peace. He's neither.

Life is a locked box,

Maharaj Ji teaches us to experience the energy within us by means of four simple techniques of meditation. The first of these techniques allows us to experience that energy inside us as light. Sitting in a darkened room with our eyes closed, we see a beautiful light unfold inside us. When we say "see the light," we are not speaking in metaphor. We do not mean that we have understood something, as we might when we say "it dawned on me …" We actually see a bright, shining, real light inside us. As we learn to concentrate more closely on that light, our experience of it changes; we begin to be drawn into it, and to understand that, like the sun shining above the clouds, that light is always there within us. We come to realize that we are light, that the unchanging and undying part of us is light, and that as light, we will pass through death unharmed and unchanged. Seeing this light calms the mind, and gives a clear perspective on the world around us.

"There is a glorious sun, not the sun you see in the sky, but a sun which is within ourselves which is much brighter than the sun you see in the sky. When the sun comes out, it only dispels the darkness, but when this sun comes out, it dispels the darkness and ignorance both. It is all within us." -- Guru Maharaj Ji


lockedbox (80K)

The second technique which Maharaj Ji teaches allows us to experience the same energy as music inside us. As we sit in a quiet place, we begin to hear harmonies inside ourselves. Perhaps we identify these subtle sounds as crickets, waterfalls or drums: perhaps we catch a hint of flutes, or a choir, and as we listen more closely, the sound begins to swell and engulf us. As we listen to this inner harmony, our lives too become harmonious, as we become better attuned to the needs of each moment. "See deep enough," wrote Thomas Carlyle, "and you see musically; the heart of nature being everywhere music if you can only reach it."

"Today, the guitar is played, and you love it. Rock- and-roll is played, you love it. Classical music is played, you love it. But there is a music going on inside of us also. God plays that music, and it is such a far-out music, so symmetrical and so beautiful, that after one note, man's mind is concentrated upon it." -- Guru Maharaj Ji

By means of the third technique, we can concentrate on the energy of life itself, constantly flowing inside us, twenty-four hours a day. This technique can be practiced while we are working, talking, eating, playing, even while sleeping. We perceive the energy inside us as a vibration, a pulse deep within us which both powers our breathing, and brings us a sense of deep relaxation. This vibration inside us has been known in various cultures as the Word, the Holy Name, the Tao. All the great scriptures of the world have talked about it. It is not a name that can be pronounced, not a word made of syllables, vowels and consonants. Rather, it is the force of life itself inside us. As this vibration flows within us, we can allow ourselves to be caught up in its flow, to experience it as the source of life itself.

"When you meditate on this Knowledge, an incredible experience flows into you. And you go with that wave, and it's so beautiful. You just let yourself relax into that most holy, fantastic experience that we always wanted, let that experience just make you vibrate and vibrate and vibrate. Because that's what it does." -- Guru Maharaj Ji

The fourth technique allows us to experience the same energy in the form of a liquid -- to taste refreshment from a hidden source of sweetness inside us. This sweet drink, called nectar, is perhaps the hardest to describe of the four ways in which this meditation is experienced. The doctors who practice this meditation speculate that nectar is a glandular secretion which gives balance to the whole endocrine system. Yet the experience itself shows that it is more than this. Nectar, when tasted, brings an immediate sense of well-being, delight and goodwill. It brings back the sensation of joy that we knew in our early childhood, and refocuses the world in such a way that we see the beauty in everything around us. It floods us with a feeling of love.

"In this Knowledge, you can get to a point where you open your eyes, and you see nothing but Light. At that time, all you hear is Music, all you can feel is the Word vibrating, all you can really drink is Nectar. It's so beautiful, because everything that is inside our body, all that energy, just comes together completely and fills us up." -- Guru Maharaj Ji

full of peace and light.


Prem Rawat's "Knowledge" has three parts: regularly listening to his speeches, doing voluntary work for organisations serving him or donating money and daily meditation correctly practicing the four techniques he recommends. The techniques are so simple it's hard to see how they could be practiced incorrectly. First technique ("Divine Light") involves sticking your thumb and middle finger on your eyeballs (NB: with eyes closed) and your index finger between your eyebrows. Second technique: ("Heavenly Music") poking your thumbs into your ears and listening. Third technique: ("Holy Name") thinking about your breathing (NB: continue to breathe). Fourth technique: ("Nectar") curling your tongue backwards and tasting. Rawat's father taught slightly different techniques but either way it's difficult to see how these could produce the benefits claimed for them especially as Rawat claims His Knowledge is the only method of attaining real happiness and love in this life.