Chapter 6


"You were told about this word, and explained its meaning thousands and thousands of times. And the word is 'agya'. If you follow agya, there is no big deal, no big problem. Then you don't have to worry. It's like, you're told to do something and you do it! … It's like Guru Maharaj Ji is standing a hundred feet above you and saying. 'Listen. You want to get out of this place? Okay. Now make a left.' And you go, 'I don't need your advice."

"But if a person can be that humble and really understand that, 'Yes. I am a little child, and I need directions.' then everything will be so beautiful."

- Guru Maharaj Ji

Often, after receiving Knowledge, we hear about the importance of Guru Maharaj Ji's "agya." Guru Maharaj Ji's "agya" is His command to His disciple. A true disciple always obeys the agya of his Master. Receiving the command of our Master is a great gift, for He is the guide who will elevate us to a place of clarity and peace. The five commandments are really Guru Maharaj Ji's basic and most fundamental agya for us. They are His commands to us, and they should be obeyed as willingly and without hesitation as we might run to get Him a glass of water if He was visiting our home. His agya is our guidepost along the path, and these commandments, if followed, will not fail us.

Without doubt, our experiences of pain and confusion in this life will not end altogether after receiving Knowledge. But when feeling either pain or confusion, just try one thing. Really look at yourself and see if you have been obeying Maharaj agya. If there has been less than consistant or sincere effort, just renew your determination to obey Maharaj Ji's commandments and really get into satsang, service, and meditation. You may find that, sooner than you thought possible, you are again experiencing that love and peace which inspired you to receive Knowledge in the beginning.