Chapter 5


1. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

2. Constantly meditate and remember Holy Name.

3. Leave no room for doubt in your mind.

4. Always have faith in God.

5. Never delay in attending satsang.

The five commandments of Guru Maharaj Ji arc simple guidelines for living. At first, they are almost deceptively simple, just like the techniques of meditation or the path of service, satsang and meditation may seem to be when we first begin their practice. But these commandments are all-encompassing with a depth of meaning that increases more and more as we experience and understand Knowledge more and more.

By following these commandments, our whole lives will become one-pointed, aimed at Truth and maximizing our experience of love and happiness. You will ultimately have to realize the importance of these commandments for yourself, but this will happen, again, only with practice.