Chapter 3


The Importance of Satsang

"And if our hearts are full of all the confusions, all of the craziness of this world — of course they've got to be because there is nothing that has really been put there to take them out when we hear this thing called satsang, which means company of Truth and which just means talking about the factual thing, talking about that Truth, this is what it's called … we hear more and more and more about the Knowledge, the more our confusion and craziness is cleared away."

- Guru Maharaj Ji

The importance and power of satsang cannot be overestimated. Maharaj Ji tells us to "Never delay in attending satsang", and He is not only talking about the satsang which is held at programs. Satsang can happen anywhere, when we speak of the Knowledge. As long as we are one-pointed in our satsang, always focusing on truth, then we will experience it as satsang. We should always be open inside ourselves to allow satsang to penetrate, realizing that this experience of satsang can do nothing but cause us to love, and increase our clarity.

Being Attentive and Open

Developing a love for listening to satsang and giving satsang is an art. And, like any art, the art of satsang needs practice. It means constant effort so that we can really understand its importance. To really listen to satsang, to really hear and experience it, we must be open, humble, and attentive — to let satsang calm our minds and envelop our hearts. Being in satsang is being in Truth, and it should be a consciousness that grows within us, just as we grow to realize the consciousness behind service or meditation.

Consistency in Attending Satsang

We never "outgrow" our need for satsang. Satsang is not a set of concepts or explanations which can be memorized. It is an experience



whereby love is shared and the energy of life communicated between human beings. It is the experience of that thing behind the words being spoken, rendering the words themselves less important than the vibration inspiring those words. And this inspiration is always needed to inspire constant meditation.

Also, sometimes we will not "feel like" attending satsang, feeling too tired, or bored, or that we have too many other things to do. This is the time that satsang is most important, because it is just the subtlety of the mind persuading us to stay away from that thing which inspires us and diminishes the power of the mind in our lives.

It is not always necessary to be "inspired" to go to satsang, because satsang itself is the thing which inspires us to greater dedication and effort. Giving satsang, as well as listening to it, is also vitally important as we experience that energy being expressed through our own selves.