Chapter 1


One time, Guru Maharaj Ji asked some premies, "Do you know what God-realization is?" When no one really answered, He replied, "God-realization is the acceptance of the superior power."

When we become conscious of that superior power within us, directing and guiding us, then we are beginning to understand the Knowledge which Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed. And by being in tune with this power and allowing it to direct our lives we will have what we always wanted — love, peace, harmony, and a sense of purpose in our lives.

In order to understand and experience this power, we must follow the directions which Guru Maharaj Ji has given us; a simple method of practice which allows us to grow and unfold naturally in our inner awareness.

This simple method is a life of satsang, service and meditation, as well as being attentive to the five commandments of Guru Maharaj Ji. Only through practicing this formula in a balanced and dedicated • manner can we hope to experience the wealth of love and beauty which this Knowledge holds for us.

This booklet aims to give you some guidelines which can help you to experience Knowledge. We have already been given the perfect formula. Now we must simply practice this formula, arranging our lives so that we give Knowledge a chance to grow and develop.