Spring 1978
Divine Light Mission

The Prose Poetry of Guru Maharaj Ji

Prem Rawat, Barcelona, Spain, 1976by Peter Bissett

Guru Maharaj Ji has spoken to many kinds of people in many countries and his message is always the same. "Know the Truth within you." In his discourses there are moments when he pauses for a second, the words take on a deeper feeling and Maharaj Ji speaks his kind of poetry. It doesn't rhyme, it's not embroidery for our emotions, and it does not romanticize our pain. The words move with a power only a person with a timeless perspective of humanity can express. The words are naked. They speak simply of the real purpose of each individual's commitment to life.

"Without peace
I am food without salt
I am a glass without water
I am the ocean without fish
There is no beauty in me
I am the plant that doesn't have any greenery
I am the mountain which is barren
I am the sky that's pale
I am a man who is not a human being."

There is an old saying that "we take for granted what we already have." Maharaj Ji's gift of Knowledge helps us to appreciate and accept the wonder of life, to recognize recognize what is already within our heart. Maharaj Ji says he reveals Knowledge, not gives Knowledge. His own words reflect and inspire us to see the gift of life as it already is.

"Look at the sky
Look at the clouds
Look at the moon, look at the sun
Look at the earth.
There is everything there.
Look at the water fall down.
Just that mercy that has been showered upon us,
that has been given to us.
And look at this body, look at the function of it.
So precise, so highly developed
that man, after all that technology
has still not been able to compete with it.
We have everything we need.
We are the richest.
Just look around you and you will find that
it's just so beautiful,
it's just so perfect."

What can allow us to rest in this wonder, to perceive the world as Maharaj Ji asks us to? Dwelling in love, we can find that peace within, giving us a sense of gratitude towards everything.

Remaining at peace within oneself is not easy in this world. It is often a battle to quiet the distracting thoughts in our mind. We all become aware from time to time when we are quiet that there is a noise within us, an inner dialogue that constantly interprets the world. Most people consider this their real self. Yet there is a deeper reality – a quiet place within ourselves that is sustaining us. It is a feeling, a presence that moves and yet is still. Like a house, we too have our foundation which supports everything else we do. But what is that other thing that separates us from knowing that deeper place within us? Some people call it ego; Maharaj Ji calls it mind.

"What is mind?
It is hard. What is mind?
To some people mind is this thing with two horns,
a tail with an arrow on the back of it,
red eyes, big teeth – a devil,
carrying a spear with three heads on it.
To other people it's total darkness,
total pitch blackness.
To other people it's a monster.
To some people it's this unidentified object that
you just cannot relate to.
Mind is none of that.
Mind is very simple:
It is the opposite of what you are.
It is a vacuum, it is a shadow,
it is not an object within itself.
It doesn't exist.
It is your mere existence in this world
supported by the different ideals
that man has produced himself.
Mind is not a different identity;
Mind is not a different thing.
What I am trying to say is that this whole chase
which we are having to have
is a chase from ourselves.
It is us, it is the absence,
it is the complete absence."

One of the common ailments of the mind is boredom. And one major cause is the mind's lack of ability to accept what it is to enjoy the simple gift of life. Call this dis-ease an absence, an endless craving, a monster that hunts us. Or as Guru Maharaj Ji has said, "We begin as hunters and then become the hunted."

The ability to remain sane and at peace with ourselves in this time of so much technological expansion is a challenge that will continue for the rest of our lifetime at least. The battle for us is to recognize that deeper self through devotion and meditation, and finding satisfaction there, let go of our false identity. As Maharaj Ji relates in the poem, one of the tricks of the mind is to make it seem more powerful and fearful than it is. When you can let go, have faith and trust in him, it simply can be seen for what it is – what Maharaj Ji calls "the absence." The funny predicament of any seeker is that because the mind is so subtle we cannot fight it directly. We are so preoccupied with it that it is like trying to saw off the bough upon which we are sitting. Contrary to any suggestion the mind would make, we need to let go long enough to allow that higher creative forces guide our lives. Effort is required in letting go. It can be difficult. Like an old "friend" who has asserted a bad influence on us, the mind will be easier to abandon if we have a new friend to turn to. So let go of your limited self and turn to accept the guidance and love Maharaj Ji offers. He wants you to discover how much more string there is on your spool, how much higher your kite can go.

"It is not what we think it is
It is what we feel it is
Let it go
Let it happen
Let it fly like a really beautiful kite
The wind is there
let it go to the wind
not to fight it.
Let it just fly so beautifully
Let us all enjoy ourselves while we are here
Be in tune
Not in tune with our mind
Not in tune with what we are always in tune with
But be in tune with what,
We want to be in tune with,
which is inside of us."

When you hear Maharaj Ji speak you can feel how much he wants us to join him, to experience the world he knows is within. Many devotees are beginning to discover now after years of practice that Maharaj Ji's love for us is greater than we could ever imagine. The pure love Maharaj Ji gives each devotee helps us grow and persevere on this long path of self-realization. Actually, self-realization as a goal is forgotten. We cease to call ourselves meditators though we still meditate. We become devotees and our life is the divine love shared between the master and his disciples. It is a love that transcends all boundaries. It is infinite. The only limitation is the person's own capacity to receive and open up to this love. Maharaj Ji expressed it so well at the festival called Holi in Florida:

"I love you and you love me is the greatest reason in this whole universe to be here. And to always show up again and again and again, in time immemorial,

as Guru Maharaj Ji and devotees,
'til there is a blue sky,
until there is a brown earth,
until the ocean roars."

At the Peace Flight Festival in Montreal, Maharaj Ji again shared his love:

"This is the atmosphere
this is the time
this is the season
of love.
Love has to grow
that bond
that connection
that oneness
has to be experienced
by every devotee"

Maharaj Ji has come to share that love and give us a way to discover its source. Man has created a million ideas. Governments sprout up and disappear as the centuries pass. The problems stay the same. But like the need to breathe or the thirst for water, humans have always had a basic desire for love. What greater love is there than the love for the One who created you?

Maharaj Ji may be a teacher who is too simple for you, or a Master who demands a dedication you cannot conceive of. We often seek a Master who will fit our own image and limitations. But how can we learn if we already think we know? How can we know what form a realized soul will take? As history has shown with the great teachers of the past who wished to direct our attention inward, Guru Maharaj Ji will be denied and slandered. Yet he always comes with such compassion and mercy. How can we define what true reality is when even he himself cannot verbally describe the infinite wonder within this Knowledge? Our impressions of the revealer of this Knowledge, no matter how much imagination we have, will always limit him. The most we can do is recognize and love him.