There is this everlasting thing …

"There is this everlasting thing … Sometimes when you are sitting in a room, your whole perspective sort of folds in, seems small. But you go outside, say at nighttime, and you see all these stars; they're completely incredible. You start to look up, and you see these stars, and you just say, "Wow! Those are far far away. And there's whole galaxy out there. And who knows what's beyond even that, and what this whole universe is made of?" And yet you still know that the whole universe which is within our reach is completely finite.

But there exists a thing thing that's completely infinite. Past all universes, past all the stars, all the galaxies, all the Milky Ways, all the the moons, all the suns, lies an incredible experience, lies this incredible enrgy. And the experience of that energy, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace is possible now."

- Guru Maharaj Ji