NO. 21 JUNE, 1975


Mahatma Ji in Hobart SURPRISE

Mahatma Padarthanand Ji returns to Australia before going to Guru Puja in Venezuela. Below is his touring schedule:

25-29  Cairns

1-3     Melbourne
4-7     Hobart
8-12    Melbourne
13-19  Sydney


Before Mahatma Ji's arrival, a lot of service had to be done. The Garden Island Creek crew acquired a beautiful caravan for him to use on the day of his Cygnet program. The Garden premies had worked ceaselessly to get the Woodbridge Scout Hall into presentable condition and at the same time many premies were doing service in and around the ashram at Taroona to make it as beautiful as possible for his arrival.

Mahatma Ji's programs took the form of four in the city and two in the country. The program held at the Cygnet Town Hall was well attended by premies and locals alike. Pre-Knowledge satsang and questions and answers happened throughout the week and at his Wednesday evening program, Mahatma Ji touched on many things we had been into before coming to Knowledge, namely chillums, Camel filter, Carlton Draught, jelly beans, Ravi Shankar, Yogi, Bogie and Coke - the real thing. Mahatma Ji had learnt much about the western mind in his eight-month absence.

Thursday saw Mahatma Ji and Julie travelling to Gordon where they spent the afternoon at "Hans Nagar", followed by the Woodbridge program. Friday's program was another mind-blower at the Southern Teachers Centre.

Saturday being Knowledge session day, early morning saw six sparkling prashad carrying brothers and sisters arrive at the ashram. At the same time, many premies were involved in service at the Colony 47 Church, to prepare for Mahatma Ji's final program. That night the church was packed. After The Power of Love, Mahatma Ji graced us with lengthier than normal satsang, stressing the need for a living Perfect Master.

It wasn't until the next morning that we discovered that Maharaj Ji's beautiful 4' x 3' framed picture had been left on the footpath after the program. Someone suggested calling the police.

"Hello, Police Department? Um, I lost a large photo on the footpath of Davey Street last night"

"Can you describe it?"

"Well, yes, it's a photo of a boy who seems to be sitting on a lumpy blanket and … Actually it's a photo of Guru Maharaj Ji"

"Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji. Yes, we've got it here locked up safe and sound." "Far out! Er, thanks a lot, officer."

The term "mindless premie" is now considered an understatement.

What a beautiful week it had been with Mahatma Ji. Suddenly it was the day of his departure. He gave many premies a very thorough and clear Knowledge review on the last day which was followed by informal questions and answers.

And in the WWA field, each Sunday afternoon, premies go the the New Norfold psychiatric hospital to offer their services in the ward for mentally retarded children. As this is one of the areas most neglected by society, the staff welcome the opportunity to combine their efforts with us in creating a new environmental approach to the children's needs. As in all WWA service, this is a slow and steady process of gaining the trust of the staff and children. This cooperation is opening up new areas of service within the hospital. A ward for the drug- and alcohol-dependent is now being visited with the opportunity for more direct satsang.

Regular visits and letter writing are becoming the main channels of communication with the prisoners at Hayes prison farm and Risdon gaol. By showing respect for the staffs responsibilities we are now allowed to show films regularly in the medium security sections of both prisons.

It is now several months since we committed ourselves to caring for the delinquent boys of West Winds, Woodbridge. Initially we took the boys out each Sunday and visited them on Tuesday evenings for creative activities. Now one premie has been offered the position of relieving housefather for six weeks. We have also been given the opportunity to have two boys from the home stay with us during the school holidays.


In Adelaide, the community is coming together. Service is being carried out by dozens of premies rather than half a handful, as in the past.

Divine Sales has a staff of five, two shops and a taxi truck. The main shop sells auction-bought secondhand goods and the. smaller one is a dry cleaners , sidelighting in handicrafts. And of course Snowdrops Wholefoods shop still operates successfully in the hills. DLM's food co-op also runs from Snowdrops.

Players Play WWA in Adelaide is involved regularly in playing chess in an invalids' home, playing basketball in a reformatory and very popular weekly prison satsang visits, as well as occasional asylum concerts, pensioners' dinners, and so on.

Mahatma Ji's visit began at Mount Gambier with a satsang program which was moderately attended. Then, after one satsang in Adelaide, 200 miles west to Whyalla. Here many people were interested in Knowledge and three sisters - all housewives with children - journeyed to Adelaide later in the week to receive initiation. The Adelaide visit was as successful as ever in terms of propagation but moreover Mahatma Ji's satsang to premies was a fiery tonic for the community, with an aftermath of increased satsang attendance and more interest in a routined lifestyle, such as that offered by a DUO household.

And with new DUO Director Vic Marsh actively in office, the South Australian community could reach heights in 1975 untouched since that first gay frolic (Guru Puja) in 1973.


An occasion which never fails to bring all the premies together is a visit from our beloved Mahatma Ji. Following a tour of Australian centres, Mahatma Padarthanand Ji and Julie Collett stopped in Sydney for three days, en route to New Zealand. That all-too-short time was crowded with satsang, plays and music.

One hundred and thirty premies meditated out of May into June at the second Elanora meditation retreat. Apart from increased emphasis on formal meditation time and less importance attached to meals, wholehearted effort was put into various sports such as frisbee-throwing, ashram premies holding an unfair advantage after weeks of conscientious practice. Touch football maintained its popularity alongside visits to the waterfall, though fewer sportsmen dared its icy embrace. And the night time entertainment featured the usual impromptu play plus an amazing Charlie Chaplin classic followed by the main feature, "Harold and Maude" The weekend was rounded off on the Sunday with a very successful meeting on propagation and satsang.

For weeks the Players had been staging rehearsals of their epic version of "The Little Prince," which finally had its premiere at the Burwood Church of England Children's Home. After the performance, the prince was immediat ely awarded the role of hand-shaking celebrity by the young audience. Two days later the prince trod the boards again at the Anzac Auditorium, where the premie community and friends gathered to the play and "Yellow Sub marine." When you look back over the month to gather news, certain evening may stand out but none more persist ently than the continual event of Maharaj Ji's amazing influence in our day-to-day lives.

NO. 21 JUNE, 1975


Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaj Ji in 1975 In the past ages the news of the Truth spread slowly. John the Baptist was a voice crying in the wilderness, Perfect Masters rode on donkeys or travelled on foot. In the Golden Age the propagation of Truth will be astonishingly rapid. Guru Maharaj Ji's message that peace is available, has already been conveyed to millions through the media of film, television, radio and newspaper.

The Golden Age has been prophesied as the time when peace will be established on earth. But prophecies aside, we need practical proof that the Golden Age has arrived. How will this age be fully established? What is powerful enough to have man living in harmony?

To have peace on earth, each person must have peace of mind. The mind must be controlled by something greater than itself, something which gives constant satisfaction. And that is spirit or infinite energy or God or whatever label you wish to apply to that which is indescribable. Contacting that energy is meditation. Guru Maharaj Ji, through teachers called mahatmas, reveals that energy in four simple techniques which concentrate the mind on light, music, energy vibration and taste within the human body. From this meditation comes peace of mind, the inner news of the Golden Age.

Ashram: "shelter", a spiritual community of Guru Maharaj Ji's devotees who have dedicated their lives to spreading Knowledge of God.

Knowledge: the spiritual experience gained through practising the four meditation techniques (Light, Music, Word and Nectar) revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji.

Mahatma: "great soul", a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji empowered to reveal Knowledge.

Darshan: the physical presence of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Premie: "lover of God", a devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Satsang: "company of Truth", discourses about the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji.


Gregg Sherwin, 1975PERTH

Eight months of patience and perseverance were rewarded when Mahatma Ji and Julie stepped off the jet into the warmth of Perth sunshine. It seemed as if the whole community was there and for six brothers and sisters it would prove to be a most enlightening time.

Mahatma Ji's first program was unadvertised. Over 100 brothers and sisters came to hear him speak and to see the film The Power Of Love. The audience was stunned by his stories anal it was obvious that Mahatma Ji now understands the crazy Western mind much more than previously.

On Thursday night at our first outside program Mahatma Ji gave satsang to the smallest audience of the tour. For the next two nights Mahatma Ji gave satsang in the satsang hall. Sunday night was another outside program at an old venue and a huge crowd turned out to hear Mahatma Ji's special Mother's Day sat-sang.

On Monday night the Players performed their own version of Steptoe and Son. Beautiful music was provided throughout the program by the Perth band and the wealth of individual musical talent that Perth has been graced with.

After the Knowledge Review on Tuesday, Mahatma Ji set off for the town of Greenbushes, 240 km south of Perth. We arrived early in the night at a house that had been specially prepared for Mahatma Ji's visit.

Later that evening we travelled to Urantia, the home of twenty brothers and sisters who form the nucleus of a spiritual commune called the Universal Brotherhood. Here Mahatma Ji gave satsang to 80-90 brothers and sisters gathered in the main room of the grand old homestead which serves as the headquarters of the community. Mahatma Ji described how Universal Brotherhood could be achieved by meditation on Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge.

The following morning Mahatma Ji was driven through some dense fog to the property where he was shown over the orchard, goat-shed, vegetable garden and the railway carriages which are used for storage and accommodation.

There was another program in the evening at the homestead which is nestled in a valley among some of the most beautiful country in Western Australia. By the time Mahatma Ji left everyone was tired but very inspired. The whole community had heard satsang for one whole day and two nights.

We arrived back in Perth in time to put on one last program before Mahatma Ji winged his way to the eastern states. Four little girls - the daughters of various premies - put on a special performance for Mahatma Ji and succeeded in stealing the show from the players who performed a dance immediately afterwards.

Mahatma Ji's tour came to an end the following day at noon when he was farewelled by twenty premies.

Satsang Centres


Satsang Hall, 14 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney 2010, 614258, 61 2962

22 Redan Lane, Mosman 2088, 969 3203

84 Melody Street, Coogee 2034, 665 9658 101 Scenic Highway, Terrigal 2260

169 Denison Street, Hamilton 2303, Newcastle 87 Weston Street, Harris Park 2150, 633 1563


Satsang Hall, 322 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065, 419 1184, 414825

174 MountainView Parade, Rosanna 3084, 45 5957

15 Wilson Street, Wodonga 3690, 24 3415


Satsang Hall, 178 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000 87 3138

50 Le Fevre Terrace, North Adelaide 5006 267 4903


Satsang Hall, 483 Adelaide Street, Brisbane 4000 31 1296

102 Gray Road, Hill End 4101, 441 857

18 Edmondstone Street, West End 4101, 44 4925

225 Abbot Street, Cairns 4870, 3251


20 Grange Avenue, Taroona 7006, 27 8969


Satsang Hall, 14 Dyer Street, West Perth 6005, 21 6296

34 Florence Road, Nedlands 6009, 86 3728


24 St.Stephen Avenue, Parnell, Auckland, 37 2045 37 2045

116 Rugby Street, Merivale, Christchurch

5 Moana Street,Hamilton