By The Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji

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Volume I Issue 2 Winter 1977

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"Guru Maharaj Ji's purpose in this life is to make sure that you hear satsang, get interested in Knowledge, and after you have received Knowledge, to see you through to your destination." "

- Guru Maharaj Ji Rome, Italy, November 12, 1977

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Drums Of Satsang Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Atlantic City, New Jersey, December 19, 1976

So the point is, premies, it's really beautiful that we are here, that this opportunity has been given to us of having this Knowledge, and we all can come together, just really, really dedicate ourselves and really do satsang, service and meditation, and realize the aim of this life, and let other people know. To come together and beat the drums, the drums of this Love, of this devotion, of this dedication, into all beings, so they can once realize the glory of their Lord, the glory of their Master, the glory of Guru Maharaj Ji, and really understand what this Knowledge is.

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Realize God Guru Maharaj Ji at Hunter College, New York City, October 8, 1971

If this Knowledge is being given by another saint, know this. I don't say, "Come to me." I don't say, "Come to me; I will give you this Knowledge." But if you can't find it outside, if nobody can give you this Knowledge, then come to me. But if you can find this Knowledge outside, it is good; find it out. The main thing is that you must know this Knowledge. Because this is the only thing. … And if you really want the kingdom of heaven, you can have it.

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Receive That Truth Guru Maharaj Ji, Boulder, Colorado, August 18, 1971, Evening

What is the difference between a Satguru and an Avatar?
Same. What is the difference between H2O and water? Some people say "Mercy," "Lord of Mercy." Some only say "Lord," some say "God," some say "Lord Christ." Same thing.

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An Unreasonable Love Guru Maharaj Ji Guru Puja Festival, Miami Beach, July 31, 1977

And yesterday it was so beautiful when the darshan line happened. And you could feel such an incredible Grace, such a beautiful Grace just completely taking over, you know. Just completely making this whole thing that happened - I mean, it was the longest darshan line yet in West. And of course, this program does break the record, because there are more premies here in this program than there actually were in Millennium (applause and cheering). Because first of all, at that time there weren't that many premies. And it just seemed a lot of other people, nor premies, were there.