It's Based On Love Michael Dettmers Long Time Personal Assistant to Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

Satsang given by Michael Dettmers at the Court of Love Retreat on September 5, 1977

Jai Satchitanand, brothers and sisters.

Maharaj Ji says that we reach a point where there's nothing to say. And yet, as premies, if we are going to share, there seems to be no end to the experience that we can have when we are sharing satsang. And if Grace were something we wondered about, or if we weren't sure what that word meant, I think we've all had more of an experience of Grace than we could ever possibly deserve, possibly hope for, or expect. Guru Maharaj Ji's allowing us to experience it.

And just coming here, even at the last minute, was so incredible. Because you just can feel the vibration, can just feel that place inside where Maharaj Ji is bringing us to. And we can just have so much faith and so much confidence that there's just no other place than this.

I mean, it's almost unbelievable to experience what we can experience here, and then to take a look at what Maharaj Ji was talking about as he rode through the streets of New York this morning at five o'clock. You could just see the incredible darkness, confusion and emptiness that people are experiencing. It just is reflected.

And then you come to the opposite extreme, which is that Love, which is that Light, which is that vibration that's who we truly are. And how come we have the opportunity to experience this? To me, I can never find a reason, except to know that by some great fortune, Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace has touched my life. He's touching our lives, and he's trying to bring us to such a place inside that's so perfect and that's so infinite that our focus is life and not death.

Maharaj Ji was painting a very black and white picture, but it's so true that once we get an experience of this Knowledge, then he's put us in touch with life, which is infinite, which is perfect, which is who we truly are. Everything else is just the opposite.

Just as Maharaj Ji was leaving, just a little while ago, Raja Ji said, "I bet you everybody who didn't come to this retreat is going to regret it." And yet, this retreat was an opportunity to experience satsang and service and meditation, which is the thing that Guru Maharaj Ji has said we need. He's said that this experience of satsang, service and meditation is everything, and that if we dive into it, then it's going to take us to a place that's beyond anything we can imagine, anything we can conceptualize. It's the most perfect thing that we can do with our lives. So whether we have ideas that "well, maybe Maharaj Ji will come," or "absolutely, for sure, Maharaj Ji will never come," what has that got to do with the fact that here was a most precious opportunity to be in that experience of satsang, service and meditation?

My own experience is that every time I've just put myself in that, the totally unexpected happens. Because this Knowledge is so totally beyond anything we could ever expect, or anything we could ever conceptualize or ever figure out. It's just taking us to a place that's beyond all limitations, to the point where that's the only place I want to be. I don't even want to think about it. I just want to be constantly under that agya of Guru Maharaj Ji, under his direction. And that's how beautiful and simple his direction is. And then really that miracle will happen.

And that miracle is happening. The promise that Guru Maharaj Ji made when he offered this Knowledge is actually happening to us. And you just never know what's going to happen.

I never would have expected yesterday when we were sitting in the residence in Denver that Maharaj Ji would be on his way, just a few hours later, to New York. I know that my mind is never going to figure out this Knowledge. I know that my mind will never figure out Guru Maharaj Ji. I've just come to the conclusion that 1 don't want to have anything to do with it; I don't want to have anything figured out. I just want to be in that place of constant surrender, and let Maharaj Ji call the shots, let him do whatever he wants.

Because when he asked me yesterday about the program in Denver, the whole thing began by asking, "What's the capacity of Macky Auditorium?" And it just seemed so beautiful, because Maharaj Ji was sitting in Denver, and then he was going to be doing a program, and probably he would do it in Macky Auditorium. And I didn't happen to know what the capacity was, and I said, "I'll find out." And he said, "No. Don't bother."

And then, a few minutes later, the community coordinator from Denver called, and he just really wanted to speak with Maharaj Ji. And he really wanted to just beg Maharaj Ji to come to the community program that was being planned last night. And Maharaj Ji just said, "I'll think about it."

And then he started to play this whole game that was really incredible, because he said, "If I gave satsang in Denver, in New York they're two hours ahead of Denver. So if I went to the program at the normal time in Denver, it would be very late in New York." He said, "If we're going to do it right, what we should do is we should go to New York and give satsang that can be piped into Denver!"

And I just sat there, and I just see how my mind always gets into what's logical, and how Maharaj Ji is always beyond it, completely. Maharaj Ji isn't attached to any conceptions or logic that we may think. And he immediately began to consider coming here to New York. And pretty soon it was just so incredible, just so much Grace was happening.

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He said, "Let's see if a plane is available." And a plane was available. And yet, as he was explaining tonight, the plane got delayed and got delayed. After the decision was made that we were going, "Where are we actually going?" Because the plane got delayed and delayed. And I just see that Maharaj Ji knows perfectly what we need, he just knows exactly what's needed, and that all we have to do is surrender, and whatever he says, that's it: follow, have faith and trust.

Maharaj Ji is just trying to get us to the point where there can be complete faith and trust, because that's when the infinite becomes possible in our lives. That's when it becomes possible to go beyond any limitation.

And I could just see that even all day today he was just playing, because there were all these reasons about the fog, and the choppers couldn't go into New York and come back here during the daytime … And he was just playing. And he said, "Well, I guess we'll just have to see how dedicated everyone is. If three o'clock is when they leave, let them leave!"

But what was the choice? The choice is always: Where are you going to go when you are in the midst of satsang and service and meditation; when you are in the midst of the very thing that Maharaj Ji says will take us beyond all limitations and bring us to that perfection?

By his Grace, everything just happened so perfectly. He just takes us beyond the limit, and then fills us up so much, and our hearts just get opened so much that he doesn't even allow us the delusion that if we really do satsang, service and meditation, we're going to make it happen. Because although that's the thing he says will put us in the flow, the real thing that's happening is that Love and that Grace that he's even on this planet, and making us aware that Knowledge exists, and then revealing the Knowledge to us, and letting us know that that's what we really want, that's who we really are, that there's nowhere else that we can possibly go. In fact, that's why we exist. And he's just bringing us deeper and deeper and deeper into that experience.

When Maharaj Ji was giving the satsang at the residence that he was talking about, he was saying that practicing Knowledge is just like that Concorde jet that has such a very, very streamlined body, and a very, very pointed nose. And then it just plows through everything, and then everything behind it just fans out. And that's what it is for us with this Knowledge. If we're really going to penetrate, we have to be so one-pointed that everything else will just fan out perfectly.

And really, it's just hard to imagine. I can't believe that Maharaj Ji would go to so much effort. Because it was more effort and more of a strain on Maharaj Ji for him to come to this program than it was to go to the huge program in Miami. He put himself through more to be able to come and share a half an hour of satsang with us. And then I begin to understand what Maharaj Ji said. He was talking about the rest of this year, and possibly going to Australia … And then he was saying, "You know, if I go there, it's so far, it would really be beautiful if there could just be so many premies." Because it's just so long to go there, and it would be really good if there was just such a boost of propagation there, and then when he would go, there would be just so many premies. But he said, "But, actually if there's one premie there, then it's worth going. If there's only one premie, it's actually worth my time to go.

I see, by his own actions, that Maharaj Ji believes that, and means that. That it doesn't really matter how many or how few. Because it isn't based on that kind of thing. It's based on that openness. It's based on that Love. It's based on that pull.

It would have been so much easier for Maharaj Ji to just go to satsang in Denver last night, a ten-minute car ride. And he could have piped in the satsang here. But what an incredible lesson he's used, at his own expense, to teach us that if we ever think that there's a decision to make between doing satsang, service and meditation, between taking the opportunity that's there to have a retreat, or doing something else -- if we even think that that choice is there, then we're in complete delusion. We're pursuing death -- that's what Maharaj Ji said. That even premies who have this Knowledge can easily pursue death rather than life.

I wasn't here for this whole weekend, but just coming here for the few seconds before Maharaj Ji gave satsang, it was so incredible. The vibration was so intense. And we were just so open to Maharaj Ji. And the more open we are to Maharaj Ji, the more we recognize him, the more we recognize how precious his darshan is. And that's what we want. We want to recognize Guru Maharaj Ji. We want to recognize him inside. And there's no other way to do it except to practice

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) On Stage Speechifying 1977 Knowledge, to be in that gift that he's given us, so that we can get to know him completely.

You know, it would have been so easy to just show up at satsang in Denver, and then wait for Maharaj Ji to come, almost expect him to come, because he's so close. And Maharaj Ji just does the opposite.

Because somewhere else, premies were just having such a perfect experience of Maharaj Ji's Love, his darshan, having an experience of satsang, service and meditation, and just opening up. And Maharaj Ji knows that. And he just comes here, and so much happens, in just a flash.

And it's just like, who knows? Every time we have the opportunity for Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan, our growth, our openness, our Love, our experience of Knowledge is just multiplied a million times. You can't even put a quantity to it. It just opens up. And what Maharaj Ji has done for us today we'll never understand, we'll never really realize it. We'll never really be able to figure it.

But it's more than those thousand steps that Maharaj Ji takes. Because we use that example: we just take one little step towards Guru Maharaj Ji, and he takes a thousand steps … You can say a million, a billion, because where Maharaj Ji is coming from is infinite. You can't even put a figure on it. But he's come into our lives in a way that we could have never expected, we could have never hoped.

But that pure Grace that he talks about just manifests. And maybe our faith is a little hit stronger now, and maybe our trust is a little bit stronger. And we're going to be able to just give more. And then who's going to benefit from that? Maharaj Ji? Maharaj Ji, who was up on this stage and who actually looked tired, who wasn't just saying all he had gone through, but actually looked it? But still, why does the Perfect Master keep coming again and again? For himself?

I just realize that the more I realize what Maharaj Ji is doing for us, the more I realize that I just want that red carpet wherever he goes. That we've just got to understand how precious Guru Maharaj Ji is for us. Because it wasn't that smooth, as he said. The plane arrived much later than was expected, and it was foggy and there was just nobody in New York that was there to greet him. And it's just like, when we recognize who Guru Maharaj Ji is. then we want everything to be as perfect as it can he.

We say that we want the best for Guru Maharaj Ji. The best isn't good enough; it's unfortunate that that's what we have to settle for. But even Guru Maharaj Ji is taking us beyond those limitations as well, what the world defines as "best."

But still, there was nothing arranged. And Maharaj Ji knew that. He knew that before he stepped on the plane. But that wasn't reason enough for him not to come. He still came. And I just see that whatever effort we're making, it's just so insignificant compared to the significance of Guru Maharaj Ji in our lives. And that love and devotion is so critical, is the thing that will give us that trust and that faith and that Love to be able to surrender.

To me, that's what Knowledge is. Knowledge is just the means to surrender. Knowledge is just the means to get closer to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because the more that we can surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, the more that we can just get rid of this ego, get rid of this mind, get rid of anything that's separating us from Guru Maharaj Ji, then the more that experience of perfection is just there. Perfection is right there.

It's just that there's this mind, there's this thing that's just blocking it from coming through. And if we can take that and surrender it to Guru Maharaj Ji through satsang, service and meditation, then the thing that we want just manifests without any apparent effort, because we recognize that everything that comes is just through his Grace. We begin to realize that all we need is Love and humility to really realize this Knowledge. And an understanding that Knowledge isn't a joke.

Maharaj Ji once said that there's the experience of Knowledge, and then there's understanding Knowledge and understanding Guru Maharaj Ji. And there's a difference. But he said, actually both are equally important. We have to understand a few things that are constant; they have to be constant in our awareness. And one is that this life is no joke, that Guru Maharaj Ji is no joke. Because that'll give us the determination to practice Knowledge. But when that determination comes, once we've made that decision, then that Grace takes over, and actually what happens is something so much more than understanding, so much more than determination, and it's just an experience of Knowledge.

And the experience is that we just have to be humble. The qualification for anyone receiving this Knowledge is to understand one simple thing, and that is that we're weak and that we're ignorant and that we're filled with the impurities of this world.

This is the vow that we say to Maharaj Ji when we receive Knowledge; that's the acknowledgment that we make, and that's about as simple as the qualifications are. They're not that we have to be great yogis, that we have to he detached, that we have to be all of these things that we think we need to be in order to be realizing Knowledge. But just to recognize that we are weak, that we are ignorant, and that we are filled with the impurities of this world, and that it is that Love and it is that Grace that Guru Maharaj Ji bestows upon us that can take us beyond it, that can take us beyond all of those limitations.

We just have to keep recognizing that he's always here and always with us.

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