Looking at the contents for this issue, we're kind of amazed. Our staff is down to two writers and a designer, yet we have major articles on two different communities, reports on several countries, a review of a Canadian conference, a "premie profile" from Wyoming … How come? Simply because there's a lot more coming in from "out there." We've known for a long time that it's impossible to put out a good newspaper written solely by people stuck away in a corner of an office building, Denver, Colorado. But we've never quite been able to get around that. Until now.

The premies in Cincinnatti sent in their own article about their community. We didn't even know about the all-Canada conference until Louise Amm mailed us her story, complete with photos. Even Durga Ji got into the act with an article of her own. And the Open Forum contribution we lifted from the Phoenix community news-letter. This is the kind of information and inspiration sharing that can create a very dynamic sense of all of us growing together. We hope it continues - and escalates.

Keep in touch,
The D. T. staff