From One Heart To Another

The foundation to Maharaji's work around the world was laid by his father and master, Shri Maharaj Ji, who spread the joy of Knowledge across the subcontinent of India. In the 1930s, this often meant that Shri Maharaj Ji traveled the northern states on foot, sometimes even sleeping in railway stations in order to carry his message to the people. From these early beginnings, this legacy has now reached more than 80 countries.

Connect 2000, Elan Vital

Connect will continue to explore this unique relationship between Maharaji and his father, through such anecdotes as this from the Anniversary Event in Rome in June 1996.

Sometimes people make an effort and then they feel, "Well, maybe I'm not making any significant contribution", and they back off. That's not the case.

A long time ago, before my father, Shri Maharaj wanted me to take this Knowledge across the world, he had a vision and many times he used to have me stand up and speak.

I was his attractor. Events would often be set up and nobody would be there. So, I would get up and I would start speaking. And people would hear my voice and they would all come.

I remember there was an event in Nasik in the middle of these apartment buildings, and nobody had shown up. It was Sunday morning and nobody was there, except for a few people who had Knowledge. I went out and I started speaking. cAnd when they heard this little boy speaking, everybody started coming out to see what was going on, and the next thing you know, the whole place was packed. And then Shri Maharaj Ji came and spoke to the people.

Everybody can make an effort - not something for themselves - and you have to appreciate that. 'When you make an effort towards spreading that joy in this world, you can't measure it with a scale. You do it and it happens however it happens. It goes from person to person. From one heart to another.