Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master


In this selection of "golden oldies" from the past six years, I've tried to capture the full range of Guru Maharaj Ji's expression - from moments of gentle lyricism to times of great power and force in his satsang. Where possible, I've used the original titles and made reference to previous publication. if you compare these satsangs with earlier versions, you'll find that I've taken the liberty of editing them down to excerpts, in order to summarize the impact of Maharaj Ji's message and at the same time convey a sense of history within one small magazine.

Old-timers may remember some of the earlier satsangs with fondness, or may have even participated in the event. And for some of you, Maharaj Ji's words by the Pacific Ocean, California, or at a birthday party in the Prem Nagar ashram, India, may provide a fresh source of inspiration. One discovery I've made in three years of editing and reading Guru Maharaj Ji's satsangs, is his amazing flexibility in meeting the needs of the times, while reiterating consistently the importance of experiencing Knowledge, in so many different words and ways. We all hope you enjoy this issue of And It Is Divine, and if you have the time let us know what you think of it.

Michael McDonald, editor
26 October, 1976