The past several months have been an amazingly productive time for premies throughout DLM. Since Guru Maharaj Ji struck the cord of understanding earlier this year, a lot of us have had to involve ourselves in some pretty extensive soul-searching, trying to realize more about the purpose of our beings, of our institutions, and of our lives together as premies. How we communicate to each other has emerged as a vital aspect of that kind of understanding, and so, for us here at And It Is Divine, it has become more and more necessary that we look at what we're saying in the magazine, how and why.

For the past year, we have tried to increase the scope of And It Is Divine, including several articles which only indirectly relate to the purpose of Guru Maharaj i, but which we feel have contained some value for our readers. It has been an incredible challenge to provide non-Knowledge oriented material which at the same time can stimulate someone's understanding of Knowledge. The effort has proved very rewarding for us, and we hope that you have enjoyed reading what we have written, or at least been patient with our trial-and-error method.

Recently, however, the results of our own pursuit of Knowledge combined with a substantial increase in the flow of communication from our readers, have indicated that it's time for a change. The need to focus our attention more constantly and deeply on the direction given by Guru Maharaj Ji is becoming apparent - everyone is asking for more satsang.

So as this issue of And It Is Divine began to come off the presses, we saw clearly what we have suspected for a long time: the magazine has trouble keeping up with our changing consciousness. What was reflected in the magazine was something which many of us no longer felt; and what was not reflected - that very conscious focus upon Guru Maharaj Ji - was what we needed. Rather than distribute something which no longer communicated what we were experiencing, we decided to eliminate much of the work we had done. This is the reason for the shortness of the issue and for the incorrect numbering of the pages. We hope that you understand the effort we are making to accurately reflect our growing realization of Knowledge, and, again, we ask for your patience as that process unfolds.

As a preview, the fall edition will be a special on Guru Maharaj i's European tour. If you have any comments on this edition, or any more general feedback on And It Is Divine, please feel encouraged to write to us.